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Body Bars

Our body bars are made with the traditional cold process method which have been used for centuries. This is done by combining Lye (an alkali) and luscious oils and butters at a similar temperature to create a reaction called saponification. The saponification process usually takes 24 - 48 hours. Once the oils have worked their magic to neutralize the lye, you are left with a (Lye and oil free) body bar. Science is crazy huh!?

Once the bars have been cured (usually 6 weeks), they are packaged and ready to send to our gorgeous customers!

Our body bars are infused with different natural clay and essential oils. The clay's contain different properties for different skin types. These have been used for centuries for healing and cleansing purposes.

Essential Oil Rollers

Our essential oil rollers are each blended uniquely for a specific purpose or use. We use the safe amount of oil, so they are gentle on your skin.

Please remember all of our products are hand made in small batches so soaps can vary slightly in colour and scent. Each product is slightly unique.. Isn't that the best part?


Essential Oil Rollers